ChiChe’s cupcakes are freshly baked to order and include dairy products. Gluten free cupcakes are available, but please note that our kitchen is generally used to prepare foods that contain these ingredients and also nuts. Please discuss any dietary requirements with ChiChe before ordering.


Cupcakes are baked in batches of 1/2 a dozen and dozen or multiples thereof.


ChiChe’s cupcakes are all handmade and are therefore individual. ChiChe will do her best to match designs and colors but there may be some variance and a added charge depending on how elaborate the design is. Please note: no dyes or artificial flavorings are added to our cupcakes.  
ChiChe reserve the right to use her own judgment when creating and designing your cupcakes and may need to adjust your order accordingly. In the event of this happening ChiChe will endeavor to advise you in advance.


Cupcake orders must be paid in full when placing your order or upon receipt of your order. Cash, bank transfer or PayPal payments are accepted.


Any amendment to your order must be confirmed via email/writing as soon as possible, and may be subject to an additional charge if extra work is required. ChiChe will do her best to accommodate last minute changes, but this cannot be guaranteed.


In the event of cancellation, work already completed is still chargeable. A 48 hour cancellation notice is required, however, all deposits are non-refundable.


Once cupcakes have been collected or delivered ChiChe’s cannot be held responsible for any accidental damage that may occur. If possible, ChiChe will help repair any damage, but this will incur extra costs for time and materials used.


We reserve the right to use photos of all cupcakes made by ChiChe’s Homemade Sweets in any form of media.


By placing an order with ChiChe’s Homemade Sweets you are agreeing to these terms.