Meet Our Awesome Baker

ChiChe’s Homemade Sweets are exactly that — wholesome sweets that remind you of home. Every sweet confection is made just the way ChiChe would eat it, all natural, nothing artificial and preservative free.

Hi, I am Eunice aka, ChiChe, the owner and creator of ChiChe’s Homemade Sweets! Welcome to my own unique world of cupcakes seen through the eyes of this Chilarican Baker. I am a proud daughter of both Chilean and Puerto Rican heritage. I do my very best to marry Chilean and Puerto Rican flavors that compliment one other to bring you a decadent sweet surprise.   Each lovely confection is made with thoughtful ingredients and paring of flavors that will please your palate. I have been baking since I was four years old at the helm of my grandmother and mother, watching them create memorable pastries and sweets that I’ll carry in my heart forever and share with you all. One of my most cherished memories is seeing my mother bake and sell seasonal loaf cakes and pies to her friends and neighbors who always looked forward to them every holiday season. I also remember helping my grandmother make her famous “calzones rotos” (torn panties) and her equally loved “come y calla” (eat and shut-up). I can still see the smiles and hear the laughter her confections brought to people’s faces—they still talk about her sweets even after all these years.

I too love bringing joy and laughter to the heart and bellies of all those who try my sweets. I stay true to my heritage by creating and offering ChiChe’s Chilarican Signature Cupcakes. I also offer my version of Classical Cupcake flavors that I remember from my childhood and still enjoy eating today—my all-time favorite is the Strawbaby Cupcake. Ingredients taste better when they’re in season, that’s why I am committed to baking and selling cupcakes for each season.

Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to baking your cupcakes soon!

Aren't They Lovely?

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